Hawkeye MedTech’s TotalCare™ software platform provides virtually scheduled visits to the patient’s current healthcare providers from the place of their convenience. It’s just like an office visit, done virtually!

TotalCare™ is a HIPAA compliant software that retains the patient’s call record across all providers and insurance companies. There is no change in workflow for the healthcare provider to use TotalCare.

TotalCare for Clinicians

TotalCare is a telemedicine application to connect YOU with patients virtually. It is designed to connect with your existing patients virtually with which you already have a relationship.

Why use TotalCare?

  • An easy to use and Intuitive telemedicine platform. 
  • TotalCare consults are scheduled. You know exactly when your next teleconsult is.
  • Extend your reach to your patients after hours or weekends. Increased touchpoints with patients.
  • You may also use TotalCare to add-on a specialist if you deem necessary.
  • Increase your productivity and revenue. 
  • Increased touchpoints with patients.
  • Follow-up visits can be now done over the phone.
  • No hidden costs. There are no term contracts. No monthly fees. No special equipment to buy! Just use your mobile device, tablet, or PC.

TotalCare is ideal if you are:

Medical Providers

Primary Care | Internal Medicine Family Medicine | Geriatrics | Pediatrician | OB/GYN | Dermatology | Oncology | Endocrinology | Pain management | Psychiatry | Physical Medicine and Rehab | Rheumatology | Preventive Medicine | Infectious Disease | Pulmonology | Regenerative medicine

Allied Healthcare Providers

Psychology | Social Work | Mental health counselors | Nutritionist | Physical Therapy | Genetic counselor | Health and wellness | Podiatry | Speech, and Language Therapist | Homeopathy | Naturopathy | Dentists


Surgery centers: pre-op and post-op | Group homes | Assisted living | Independent living | Skilled service providers: companies that provide skilled nursing

If you are a clinician, please fill the form to schedule a demo or ask any questions.

TotalCare for Patients

Wouldn’t it be nice if your healthcare provider came to you instead of you having to fight traffic, wait in the waiting room and have to fight traffic again back home! Days of going to a strange doctor are over.
Let us connect you back to your own healthcare team.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Your clinician comes to you virtually wherever you are
  • Add your family member or caretaker to the call
  • Receive appointment alerts and reminders
  • Your privacy and health records are secure
  • Add your vitals (blood pressure, blood glucose,…), pictures, videos also other medically relevant data so your provider has a complete picture of what’s going on with you! Also, let the insurance pay for the teleconsult calls.



  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play on your mobile phone or tablet. Search for TotalCare and choose “Patient – Totalcare” by Hawkeye MedTech.
  2. Download the app and create your account. This will include your contact information, payment information, and your medical profile


  1. For DESKTOP access: go to https://totalcaretelemed.com
  2. Follow the directions to set up your account.
  3. When you are ready to make an appointment, select your clinician.

When it’s time for your appointment, open the app and begin!

Detailed instructions can be found here



What Our Providers Say

So easy to use. My patients from all age groups had no problem onboarding or booking appointments.

What Our Patients Say

Just replicates my visit to my primary care, that too without taking the trouble of driving to his office. Saves me so much time.

TotalCare has more features than other telemedicine solutions.

I get more time with my doctor.

The ability to schedule virtual appointments has increased my work efficiency.

Reminders are the best part, never lets it slip.

I can now provide good care for my patients while keeping my work-life balance. Thanks to TotalCare.

TotalCare is so simple to use, I will use it again.